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Video Testimonials

"Jhones Did A Really Good Job On Our Floors"

"Hi there, This is Farhan. Jhones did a really good job on our floors. He did a refinishing and extra hard floors for us. And we are really happy with the job that they have done for us.

It looks really good, really clean, and I would be happy to have him do future jobs for us as well going forward. Thank you."

Farhan Siddiqi
Kennesaw, GA


Mr. Siddiqi And Jhones

"We Are Really Happy With The Job That They Have Done For Us."

"I Would Be Happy To Have Him Do Future Jobs For Us"

"Everything Turned Out Just Way Above Our Expectations"

"We love the work that you did. Definitely way above par compared to some other tile places that we looked at. I mean, this is just amazing work for sure.

The floor turned out amazing. Everything just was done great but also just quickly, which was great, doing it very fast.

The niches turned out amazing. All the miter cuts, the interlocking of the corners on the subway tile, yeah. Everything turned out just way above our expectations, Fantastic. Thank you so much."

Home Onwer
Lawrenceville, GA


"This Is Just Amazing Work"

"Everything Turned Out Just Way Above Our Expectations, Fantastic"